Protecting your family's
dental health...

is made easier when you join DentalCareUSA's dental program. DCUSA brings you a dental benefit program which has extensive benefits and is underwritten by a carefully selected, licensed and regulated dental benefits company.  All participating dentists of the underwriting company are licensed and regulated by the appropriate government agencies. 

Our dentists are qualified
experienced professionals. Before becoming a member dentists, and at regular intervals thereafter, they undergo extensive credentialing and office reviews by the underwriter's Professional Services Department staff.




You will receive care...
at one or more of dental facilities most convenient for you and/or  each of your dependents. Once you have selected and been assigned to a facility, your names will appear on the underwriting company's Patient Eligibility Roster for your chosen dentist and your name on his/her roster will allow your dentist to schedule an appointment to receive care

Different dentists...
If your family members want to use different participating dentists, thatís okay. And if you ever need to change dentists for any reason, you may call the carrierís member services number directly.


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Your choice of
participating dentists...

You may select any general dentist from our roster on contracted dentists. If you need specific information on these offices, please feel free to call any of these offices directly, as we have provided their office telephone numbers for your convenience.

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